Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and Women’s Health (Testimonials)

These latest, shorter, testimonials are from our feedback form which can be found at We would welcome your comments.         Thank you.

I am so impressed with the treatment received from Bally. Since my first session 6 weeks ago, my pain has decreased considerably and my pregnancy has been much more comfortable (and enjoyable!) I couldn’t recommend Bally enough to any expectant mother struggling with pelvic and back pain!

Miss MH

Bally was so helpful with my long term on-going issues that I’ve actually had for many years. Her advice, examination and treatment has really been superb and I would recommend any lady of any age to not hesitate to make an appointment to see the very approachable professional Bally whom I have 100% confidence in. She has helped me enormously. Thank you Bally.

Mrs CH

I saw Bally for a mum mot and I’m so glad I did! I’d been thinking about it for a while, but with two small children, I hadn’t got around to organising an appointment. I learnt so much in the first appointment and was really impressed to discover that my strength had improved a lot in just three weeks between appointments. I now know that women shouldn’t accept a weak pelvic floor as an inevitable part of having babies, and that it can be so easily fixed! I thoroughly recommend Bally for the mum mot.

Mrs SB

Dear Bally
Thank you so much for helping with my shoulder last week. I was really delighted that you were able to work your magic so that I could go on holiday and play all the golf that I had booked with no pain and no problems. I have no pain now and am feeling great so will not need our appointment on Tuesday morning.
Thank you again  for helping me recover so quickly.
Mrs KD


I was delighted, relieved and very grateful to God for leading me to a physiotherapist specialising in women’s health and particularly in pelvic floor problems. Until I found Bally, I felt as if I myself had to work out the cause of, and find the remedy for, my pelvic floor pain. My GP could not explain the discomfort and merely suggested that it might be age-related low estrogen. I was not prepared to start a course of HRT simply because it ‘might help’. After identifying the problem as referred pain, I found two therapists who were of great help but I still had residual pain. Then I found Bally who released remaining internal trigger points and explained why I still had pain and how I could overcome it. I am now much, much better and the small amount of discomfort is controllable (I am confident that if I continue with the exercises recommended by Bally, I shall be ‘better than normal’ very soon). Bally has educated me as regards pelvic muscular health in general and as regards pelvic pain and the control thereof. This has removed the anxiety I felt when I thought that I had to sort everything out by myself. What a relief to have help from a professional in whom one has absolute confidence. If the problem raises its head again, or, if I hear of anyone with the same symptoms, I shall direct them to Bally. Thank you Bally. God bless you!

Mrs WM

I saw Bally to help me manage anxiety symptoms. I really valued the help she gave, using acupuncture, and her calm and professional attitude.


Acupuncture is an amazing thing which certainly helps and certainly works. These days everyone believes in medical science and drugs to sort you out forgetting about natural solutions. Maybe because there’s no ‘scientific’ evidence behind it,  but two thousand years of successful application should prove you wrong. My husband was sceptical when I first mentioned it to him: “Needles?!!! Are you sure?”. But after a couple of months when we started seeing positive changes in my cycles and then eventually got pregnant without any drugs, we both realised it worked. It’s really a shame that NHS specialists never mentioned acupuncture as one of the ways to treat PCOS, but advised us to wait for a year and be back afterwards. I was lucky to meet Bally who helped us out naturally, and really thankful for her knowledge and experience to help me out without any drugs!

Mrs RH

After the sessions with Bally I felt significantly better from my lower back/pelvic pain (I’m pregnant). Bally provided me with a few simple and very effective exercises to carry out on my own to reduce the need for therapy. I found all her suggestions to be really helpful and would certainly return to her hands in the future if experiencing any back/pelvic issues.

Mrs MB

I felt completely relaxed and at ease in what could have been an embarrassing situation. Bally was extremely professional.

Mrs CT

Very friendly and welcoming, always listened to my concerns and offered advice to help me get the best out of my treatment

Miss AH

Everything was well explained and the appointment left me feeling reassured that my issues are curable with exercise and treatment.

Mrs RC

Glad I finally found someone who can check over the post natal body. The GPs checks are very poor and women need to have their body looked at after carrying and delivering a child. Bally is so professional and knowledgable and I’m very glad to have found her.

Mrs LC

I visited Bally around 4 years after the birth of my second child. I’d had two c-sections and both had left me with a build up of scar tissue around the incision area. After my second child, I also developed a slight overhang of tummy flesh which, while not too bad, was sometimes visible under clothing. I had visited a private cosmetic surgery clinic to ask about remedial surgery and was told it was possible. However, I was wary of creating more problems with scar tissue resulting from the surgery. Bally performed visceral release and massage therapy for several weeks and released the scar tissue creating a more streamlined profile. It also reduced some residual pain and itching along the line of the scar. Bally was always lovely and approachable, putting me at ease every step of the way and explaining what she was doing and why at all times. Bally’s knowledge of the human body and what happens to women before, during and after childbirth is outstanding. I’d recommend her to any woman needing advice or physio following the birth of their child.

Mrs KS

Meeting Bally and having acupuncture for the first time in my late 30’s has transformed my life. Bally’s demonstrates exceptional passion and professionalism in her work, she really cares. After monitoring my cycle over a few months we highlighted areas for improvement and I am delighted to say the acupuncture treatment I received has completely improved my cycle and the way I feel every month. I wish I had tried acupuncture sooner, however, it wouldn’t be the same without Bally’s attention to detail, specialist knowledge and empathy with her clients.
Miss BJ

I have been seeing Bally recently for shoulder pain. I find Bally totally professional in her Physiotherapy treatments. She puts you at ease from the word go & explains all your treatment at every stage. She has expert knowledge and skills. I also like the way that she offers an holistic approach to problems. I have had acupuncture within my treatment to good effect. I would thoroughly recommend Bally.


I went to see Bally recently and all I can say is she is a miracle worker! I arrived at my first appointment at 36 weeks pregnant hardly able to get over the step and with tears in my eyes just trying to walk because of a pain in my back. After the first session, I felt instant relief and after 3 more sessions I felt no pain at all! The difference was unbelievable. Bally herself is very professional, flexible, welcoming and made me feel very comfortable and I would recommend her to anyone. Now at 39+ weeks pregnant I am moving around normally and can only credit that to Bally.


I’ve been a Vulvodynia & PFD sufferer since 2007 where the pain would come and go. In May 2012 I got a huge flare up and was suffering tremendously and since then I have been through a living hell. Bally was one of only 2 people that really showed an interest in knowing what was going on and what I was going through my pain journey and really tried to help me. She found many things that I never thought of. Some bones of my chest were a bit misplaced; I was stiff especially in my right side, my breathing was entirely wrong, etc. She started me off with breathing exercises as they help to lift and drop the pelvis muscles correctly. She found my sore spots, on the back and legs and gave me several exercises to do at home during the time between our meetings. We gradually reached the pelvic area. Very professional and gentle. She kept reminding me that if I feel pain I should warn her to stop. Special pelvic muscles massage.I was really amazed with her work and with her being so keen to really help me. She helped me to manage better my pelvis muscles as they were over-working and she has been helping me to learn how to release them through many body spots but also through the internal ones. Our goal is to relax them as much as we can, before strengthening them, as this is the right procedure. Through doing the exercises given, acupressure, relaxation techniques, pacing, massage and many others, I am finally taking control of my life and my pain levels, and I am finally seeing a bright future.

Miss DM


Following on from a car accident at the beginning of the year, I was left with shoulder, back and pain injuries. Months later and after seeing a physio provided by the insurance company I was still struggling. After being recommended Bally by my sister I booked an appointment very quickly at a time suitable for me. The range of techniques Bally uses is incredible I noticed an improvement straight away. Such a friendly and professional service. Now after 3 or 4 session I’m pain free again. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Bally if I was ever in pain again. Thank you Bally you put the other physio to shame!

Miss RB

Bally is fantastic, I had 3 sessions of Accupunture to conceive, absolutely amazing it worked! I fell after the 3rd session.
Bally is extremely experienced, knowledgable kind and passionate, she made me feel relaxed and really positive.
I felt a huge difference in my body within the first month, the Accupunture changed my cycle shortened it which I truly believe helped us conceive.
I will be returning for sessions in the future to help with the labour 
Bally is an expert and I feel blessed to have met her 

Miss HH

After a long search for the right acupuncturist, we found Bally who was recommended to us by our reflexologist. Preparing for our third attempt at IVF, we wanted to leave no stone unturned this time round. Our fertility clinic also recommended acupuncture as an alternative therapy and we felt this was an avenue we needed to explore.
Suffering from a needle phobia, I was extremely worried about the treatment and apprehensive whether it would work for me. Bally was extremley friendly and welcomed us both into her home, explaining in depth about the course of treatment and helped me relax.
I was amazed after just a few sessions how my body responded. Even the following day after treatment I still felt relaxed.
I thoroughly recommend Bally to anyone looking into acupuncture for ferility issues or even just from a relaxation point. I will certainly be seeing her again in the future.’

Mrs AG