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Menopause Matters Workshop

Are you experiencing mood swings, hot flushes, memory loss, anxiety, brain fog, fatigue or altered menstrual cycles? 

Or are you wondering about how the perimenopause and menopause may affect you? 


Then this workshop could be just for you. 


 WHEN:     Wednesday 8th September 2021

 TIME:       6:30-9pm

 AT:            Mycore Pilates, 28a/b Bancroft, Hitchin, SG5 1LA

 PRICE:     £40 per person


The menopause is normal, something all women will go through. It is the end of your menstrual cycle and occurs when the ovaries stop releasing eggs. 


Meno = Menstrual

Pause = stop


The average age of menopause is 51. 


Did you know? Menopause is officially 1 day, the day you have not had a period for a year. 

After this we are post-menopausal. 


Symptoms commonly can start from the mid 40’s, but could be earlier, and is similar to what teenagers go through, but in reverse. Symptoms can include:

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Women are important!


At this age we are often the ‘sandwich’ generation between elderly parents and teenagers, with all the challenges and stress this may bring. We are living longer, and we could be going through the menopause at the peak of our career, or maybe just starting out on a new one. Menopausal symptoms should not be the one thing that slows us down. 


At this workshop we will discuss the effects of declining hormones, especially oestrogen, on your body. 


This will include:

  • Bone and muscle health

  • Heart health

  • Urogenital health

  • Mental and emotional health

We will discuss the treatment options including:

  • HRT

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Diet and fluid advice

  • Exercise for bone health, heart health, mental health

  • Alternative medicines including acupuncture, mindfulness



What to expect on the day:

6:30-7:20pm: An introduction to the peri-menopause and menopause, starting with an informal chat and then some structured information

7:20-7:30pm: Short break

7:30pm – 8pm: A discussion about  HRT

8pm - 8:30pm: A weight bearing exercise class. This will be all functional exercises using little or no equipment

8:30pm -8:500pm: Wind down with a 20-minute mindfulness session

8:50pm – 9pm: Wrap up and feedback

(please note timings are approximate)


What to wear and bring on the day:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in

  • A mat if you prefer to bring your own

  • Water bottle and a snack if you wish

  • A pillow/blanket for the mindfulness session for your comfort

  • Small hand weights can be provided 

Workshop Tutors

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Bally is a physiotherapist specialising in Female Pelvic health. She has extensive experience in the treatment of common pelvic health complaints including leakage, prolapse, sexual dysfunction and pelvic pain. 

Bally has her own private practice in Hitchin and Hertford and also works at Pinehill Hospital, a private hospital in Hitchin.  

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Tricia worked for many years in a Private Hospital in Hitchin, as a Physiotherapy Technician.  She worked extensively with

the rehabilitation of patients post operatively, with a keen interest in Women’s Health Rehabilitation Classes.  

She has Diplomas in Meditation and Mindfulness and believes in a holistic approach to wellbeing and selfcare.


Anna is a pharmacist with 19 years’ experience working in a wide range of specialities for the NHS and independent sector. Two years ago, she qualified as a Body Control Pilates matwork Instructor and now combines teaching Pilates with working part-time as a Senior Clinical Pharmacist at the local private hospital.