These are the products and links I often advise. 
Useful Products:

EVB sports shorts: these can be helpful when returning to exercise after urinary or pelvic organ prolapse symptoms and help to keep everything supported and held in

YES YES YES lubricants: organic vaginal lubricants, they come in water based and oil based options. 

SYLK lubricants: another option for lubricants

Stress No More: find pessaries and stimulation devices here

Mediplus: Further  options for pessaries 

Pelvic Floor Exercisers:

Squeezy app: A mobile phone app designed to help you remember and do your exercises. It also has a list of Women's Health physiotherapist's in your area. 

ELVIE: This is a clever biofeedback tool that bluetooths to your phone to give you accurate squeeze and release data of the pelvic floor

PERICOACH: A blue tooth device similar to the Elvie. 

Find a Women's Health Physio near you:

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

Mummy MOT

Squeezy App

Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy
Links on pelvic advice documents:

International Urogynaecological Association: lots of useful downloadable documents here on pelvic surgery and types of surgery including pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, pelvic floor exercises and bladder re-training.


Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy: many downloadable booklets written by Women's Health physiotherapists including (but not exclusive to) 

Pregnancy Related Pelvic Girdle Pain for mothers to be and new mothers 

Exercise and Advice after Pregnancy

Pelvic floor muscle exercises

Post natal advice:

The new (March 2019) post -natal running guidelines by Women's Health Physiotherapists 

C-section recovery blog

Episiotomy scar recovery blog

The Night Feed app

Useful Books (links for Amazon):

Heal Pelvic pain

My Menopausal Vagina

Sue Croft Pelvic Floor Recovery - Essentials

Local fitness professionals I work with:

Mycore Pilates Hitchin,  offering post natal pilates, mat and reformer pilates

The Pilates Pod Hitchin,  offering classical pilates and post natal pilates

Danielle White Hoddesdon, offering post natal and pelvic rehab, pilates classes and sport massage

The Motherhood Movement Shefford, offering 1:1 pilates and online rehab

The Yoga Shed Hitchin, ante and post natal yoga

The Pilates Space Letchworth, post natal and general mat pilates 

Family Fitness Hitchin, keep fit and pilates classes 

Lorna Catchpole buggyfit classes Ware, general and post natal  fitness classes

Motherfit Hertford, general and post natal fitnesses classes

Diastasis Recti:

Diane Lee Diane has done a lot of research into diastasis

The Tummy Team an online rehab program 

Fit2b another online rehab programme

Pelvic health information and blogs:

Lots of information in these blogs on all things pelvic health

Sue Croft

Julie Wiebe

Antony Lo


Squatty potty unicorn video, this explains really well why you need to put your feet on a stool, and it's also very entertaining

Shelly Prosko toilet Meditation, an interesting way to think about your daily habits

Bladder Pain:

Jilly Bond, Jilly has done lots of work with bladder pain and pelvic pain, lots of useful blogs on here

Tame the beast: This is a great illustration explaining how we perceive chronic pain

Ante/post natal Education for the fitness professional:

Burrell education: Live and online training for all things ante and post natal and pelvic health

Brianne Battles: further online training if you are working with athletes

If there is anything not on here which you have found useful and think others would benefit from please let me know to add it. 

Thank you. 

Useful Links

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