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Lidder Therapies offers a range of treatments for Menopause Physiotherapy in Hitchin

The Menopause is normal, something all women will go through. It is the end of your menstrual cycle and occurs when the ovaries stop releasing eggs. There is a natural decline in the hormones Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone. 


Meno = Menstrual

Pause = stop


The average age of menopause is 51. 


Did you know? Menopause is officially 1 day, the day you have not had a period for a year. 

After this we are post-menopausal. 


Symptoms commonly can start from the mid 40’s, but could be earlier, and is similar to what teenagers go through, but in reverse. Symptoms can be wide ranging and may include:


  • Brain fog / memory loss

  • Irregular periods

  • Insomnia

  • Hot flushes

  • Tiredness

  • Joint pains 

  • Bladder and bowel changes

  • Low sex drive

  • Night sweats

  • Mood changes

  • Headaches

  • Palpitations 

  • Weight gain

  • Hair /skin changes 


At this age we are often the ‘sandwich’ generation between elderly parents and teenagers, with all the challenges and stress this may bring. We are living longer, and we could be going through the menopause at the peak of our career, or maybe just starting out on a new one. Menopausal symptoms should not be the one thing that slows us down.

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Pelvic Health and the Menopause

Pelvic health is often overlooked when we discuss the common symptoms of Menopause and yet in a recent publication it was found that 70% of women will have some Genito-urinary symptom of menopause. Only 7% will seek help. 

(Position Statement for Management of Genitourinary Syndrome of the Menopause (GSM) March 2021). 


The vaginal and urethral tissues will change due to the reducing levels of oestrogen in the same way as all the other tissues in the body. A fall in oestrogen can result in the loss of superficial epithelial cells, collagen and elastin. The vaginal epithelium becomes pale and friable and can tear and bleed, particularly during intercourse. 


Common symptoms include

  • vulval and vaginal dryness discharge

  • itching

  • painful intercourse

  • urinary frequency 

  • urinary urgency 

  • recurrent UTIs


Treatment can include vaginal HRT, vaginal lubricants or moisturisers, pelvic floor exercises and lifestyle advice. Symptoms can be improved. 

Who is Menopause Physiotherapy for? 

Menopause physiotherapy is for anyone wanting a MOT of their health during this life phase. We will assess any muscle and joint aches, advice on the best exercise for you, discuss your symptoms, whether HRT or natural remedies can help you. If required we can also advise on your bladder, bowel and sexual health and assess your pelvic floor. 

How can Menopause Physiotherapy help you? 

Menopause Physiotherapy can help you manage symptoms of all the organ systems that are affected by your reducing hormones. Your assessment and treatment will be bespoke to you and may include;


  • Bone and muscle health

  • Heart health

  • Urogenital health

  • Mental and emotional health

  • Breast Health

If you are unsure how we can help or what treatment you require please get in touch



I’m on my third appointment and already I’ve not only made progress with my issue, but actually learnt so much. I’m being treated by Rachael who is so lovely. She is very clear and calming in explaining any examinations. She also explains the science behind it all so you understand the problems. With this she also gives you exercises to do at home. It’s not just done at the clinic so you have to keep paying to go. She gives you practical and manageable exercises to do at home.  Would absolutely recommended and can’t thank her enough for the difference she has already made in 3 appointments!

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