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Scar Massage Therapy

Lidder Therapies offers scar massage therapy in Hitchin

Scar Massage Therapy is a series of gentle massage based techniques to help with the function and feel of your scar. The gentle treatment techniques stimulate healing and tissue mobility, regardless of how old the scar is. 


Scar therapy can help with pain, itching, numbness, redness, overhang, hyper sensitivity or raised scarring. Bumpy, ridged, stringy, tight or sensitive areas of scar tissue can rapidly change, smoothing out and improving the movement and function of the entire area. 

We can usually start working on scars around 6 weeks after an operation. Although scars can take up to 2 years to become mature, it is never too late to create positive changes, even years down the line. 

We have trained with Scarworks and HLP Therapy. 

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Who is scar massage therapy for?

Scar massage therapy is for anyone with a scar, whether that is an old scar or a new recent one. The scar could be due to abdominal surgery such as a hysterectomy or c-section, following breast surgery or perineal and episiotomy scars from childbirth. 

As a surgical scar heals, the connective tissue supporting the skin can start to bind with deeper tissues, creating a pattern of restriction that can extend far beyond the original incision.


What if you don’t like to look at or touch your scar? 


This is very common. It is normal for the scar to feel numb, hypersensitive, or itchy. We will assess your scar, start treatment and advise you on how you can help yourself at home. As well as advising on any products that may help your scar healing. 


What does treatment involve?


We will start with an assessment of your scar, how it looks and feels. Whether it causes any restrictions to your movement. We will assess how mobile the scar is, does the tissue above and below the scar move, can the scar be stretched and moved. 

We will also look at the tissue further away from the scar for any pulls, adhesions and stiffness. 

Treatment will target not only the scar but also the tissue around it. For an abdominal scar this includes all the abdomen, back, hips and diaphragm allowing you to more freely and feel less restricted within your movement patterns. In addition, we will work on correcting your breathing pattern, reconnecting your core and allowing optimal pelvic floor function.


Why does a perineal scar need treatment? 


A perineal or episiotomy scar can also be tight or painful, this may be causing pain with intercourse or discomfort when toileting.  A tight perineal scar can cause myofascial restriction within the pelvis leading to symptoms of a pelvic organ prolapse. Scar massage and myofascial release of the pelvic floor can reduce tightness, restrictions, pain and allow the pelvic organs to return to their normal resting position reducing symptoms of a pelvic organ prolapse. 

How many sessions will I need? 


Every scar and every body is different. Your treatment plan will be bespoke to you. Commonly we find that a minimum of 3 to 6 sessions are advised to see the best results. Scar therapy is a journey, it can take time for results, but the wait is worth it. 


What are the side effects of scar massage?


If performed by a skilled and trained practitioner, there should be little to no side effects to scar massage. Some patients have reported experiencing some temporary soreness or short term increased sensitivity due to the stimulation of the local nerves. 


How does scar massage feel?


Scar massage is a very gentle treatment that can feel like a stretch or mild pressure in the abdomen. This stretching and compression may result in some mild warmth or tingling to the area due to increased blood flow. 


How will scar therapy help you? 


Scar therapy can help you if you have a scar that you are not connected to, a scar that feels tight or restricted, or a scar that causes you pain or stiffness. Scar massage will help the scar feel like it belongs to you and moves in conjunction with your tissues rather than against them. 


If you are unsure how we can help or what treatment you require please get in touch


Everything was well explained and the appointment left me feeling reassured that my issues are curable with exercise and treatment.

Mrs RC

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