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Remote Assessments

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

As many of you know my clinic is temporarily closed for face to face appointments due to the current guidelines. I am still offering online video and telephone consultations for general Physiotherapy, Women's Health including the Mummy MOT and also acupressure (instead of acupuncture).

How will this differ from a face to face consultation?

Using an online platform linked to my booking system we will arrange to chat at a convenient time. The consultation will include a full history taking followed by an appropriate assessment. I may ask you to perform certain movements and ask you to

tell me how certain areas feel when you press on them yourself.

For an acupressure treatment I will advise you to apply gentle pressure to your own acupuncture points whilst we practise some gentle meditation together. Acupressure can be just as effective as acupuncture using needles, and the same effects can be felt.

Following our appointment I will advise you with written information, videos and links that are appropriate help you with your recovery.

Will the cost be the same?

At this difficult time many of us will have money worries. Although you will receive the same great service from me, the cost will be reduced for each type of treatment.

Women's Health/Mummy MOT 1 hour initial appointment £50

Women's Health/Mummy MOT 30 min follow up £35

Acupuncture 1 hour initial appointment £45

Acupuncture 45 min follow up £35

General Physiotherapy 45 min initial appointment £35

General Physiotherapy 30 min follow up £30

Will your medical insurance cover the cost of the appointment?

Yes, please check with your insurance provider as many are now including online and telephone consultations.

Can you see me face to face when restrictions are lifted?

Yes! The idea of these virtual appointments are to enable your rehabilitation to begin and encourage self management. If you still need hands on treatment in the future, this can be arranged.

Can you book these appointments online?

Unfortunately these appointments are not currently bookable online. Please contact me to arrange a suitable date and time.

For further information, please get in touch via email or telephone.

Testimonials about video consultations

"Bally was absolutely great as always, very accessible and we managed to set up the video appointment quite quickly. It was really helpful as Bally was able to comment on my movement, and give me some very helpful and practical advice regarding which exercises might be most helpful for me. I was so pleased and encouraged after my video conversation and being able to continue my treatment with Bally despite the current situation. Really great that she was flexible to arrange the video meeting."

Mrs NM


"I found Bally very knowledgeable and helpful in helping getting me started with the correct exercises. She was very patient and explained things well in a way I could understand. Communication was great and I would definitely recommend her services to others."

Miss CR


"The video appointment worked really well. Bally was able to understand the issue and guided me through the movements to take to resolve the problem. Very pleased!"



"Bally's help has been invaluable for my postnatal recovery - she is always very thorough and happy to answer any queries I have".

Miss LN

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